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The past and the future, the traditional and the contemporary, are intertwined in the works of the Doha-based duo Christto & Andrew, who transform ‘life’ in the Gulf into striking pieces with their unique hyperrealistic perspective. Christto & Andrew, who met while studying in Barcelona in 2009, combine images from different cultures and periods in their compositions. Christto, originally from Puerto Rico, and Andrew, from South Africa, settled in Doha to experience what it would be like to create art together at the suggestion of Andrew, who had lived in Qatar before. Since 2012, they have shown their work in an unusual, symbiotic manner. The duo took part in the 2014 selection of Foam Talent, which determines young and talented photographers with an open call every year with their Fluid Portraits series. This series quickly gained visibility in the contemporary photography and art worlds. The duo aimed to create an eventual feeling of doubt and distrust in the viewer with their work, which seems colorful and happy at first glance. Although Christto & Andrew’s works originate from Qatar, where social transformation is widely experienced, their works’ symbolic narratives bring us face to face with other parts of the world.


Christto Sanz, Andrew Weir


6-16 October 2022


Yapı Kredi bomontiada Gallery

Open every day 10:30 – 20:00