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Erik Kessels is a Dutch artist, designer, and curator with a great interest in photography. Since 1996, he has served as the Creative Partner of the communications agency, KesselsKramer, in Amsterdam and London. As an artist and curator, Kessels has published over 80 books of his ‘re-appropriated’ images and has written the international bestseller, Failed It! Kessels organised and curated exhibitions, such as Loving Your Pictures, Mother Nature, 24HRS in Photos, Album Beauty, Unfinished Father and GroupShow.

In collaboration with artist Karel De Mulder, Empty Chair is a work that deals with the subject of absence. Looking at an Empty Chair makes us wonder who could sit on it or who might be sitting there. Not knowing or seeing this makes us more curious and a photograph more exciting. Will the empty chair be able to carry the weight and who will be its new companion? Will we ever know?


Erik Kessels, Karel De Mulder


6-16 October 2022


Yeldeğirmeni Art

Open every day 10:30 – 20:00