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Born in 1976 in Madrid, Felix R. Cid completed his education at the International Center of Photography and received a master’s degree in Photography from Yale University School of the Arts. In addition, he won the Toby Devan Lewis Scholarship in 2012. Felix R. Cid tackles the crisis between contemporary society’s past and the future. He is known for creating paradoxical images in which the traditional values of intuition are exaggerated. His work, based on accumulation and collection, raises questions about where an image begins and ends. His works which simultaneously embrace far and near, big and small, fact and fiction, create tension between opposite poles of representation and perception.

Emphasizing the new political climate emerging in the West, the Sword of Damocles series points to the connection that exists between sculpture and photography. The vast squares focusing on the demonstrations and protests held in Europe and the United States in 2017 resemble a mosaic or an abstract work at first glance. However, viewers feel the power and energy rising from the masses when they look closer.


Felix R. Cid


6-16 October 2022


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