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Floral Dreams, an exhibition that brings together those who stage the natural and organic forms of flowers, hosts three-dimensional animation, photography, and living sculptures. The complexity of the human-nature relationship has gained momentum in modern times and has turned into a scene where the concepts of beauty and cruelty are rediscovered. The ambivalent relationship between nature and humans evolves into a multi-faceted, modern perspective with the harmonization of different disciplines. The colorful forms in Daisy Chain resemble clusters of flowers blowing in the wind. Jennifer Steinkamp, ​​one of the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection artists, is among the pioneers of 3D animation. She works with new media and video in her installations to explore contemporary ideas about architectural space, movement, and perception. Her work named Daisy Chain in the exhibition reveals the artist’s interest in scientific illustrations. Using the possibilities of digital art, Steinkamp embeds detailed patterns into a poetic dance. That way, she offers new experiences by blurring the boundary between real and imaginary space. Finally, flowers show their effect in the photographs of Emma Summerton, who designed the cover shoot of the 13th issue of 212 with the theme of Herland and is known for her fashion shoots for brands such as Prada, Miu Miu, and Yves Saint Laurent. Discovering the complex world of plants at an early age, Summerton deals with the contrasts of greening/decay, trust/danger, and protection/destroying nature in her works. Florist Yunus Karma, who designs living flower sculptures and installations, is another name in the exhibition. He says “Dreaming about something small that cannot even be seen or something big that cannot even be understood and turning them into reality excites me. ” for his installation called Concealed. It shows the post-pandemic by appealing to the beauty of natural forms, seasons passing, and collective feelings.


Emma Summerton, Jennifer Steinkamp, Yunus Karma


6-16 October 2022


Saint Benoit Church

Open every day 10:30 – 20:00