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Kata Geibl, born in 1989 in Budapest is a photographer living and working between Budapest and The Hague. Her work is mainly focused on global issues, capitalism, the anthropocene, and the ambiguities of the photographic medium. Her first long-term project entitled Sisyphus premiered at Unseen Amsterdam. She received Paris Photo Carte Blanche Award for the series and in the same year, she was nominated for Palm* Photo Prize.

Geibl’s long-standing interest in photography’s ambiguity — how we are trained to treat photographs as evidence, while also approaching them with intense suspicion – is palpable throughout her practice. Harnessing this tension, she presents us with the implications of a very real phenomenon, without adhering to straight documentary methods that habitually signal truth. 

There is Nothing New Under the Sun is Geibl’s first monograph. Carefully planned images are mixed with stream-of-consciousness texts. A poetic approach emerges through allegories, personal short stories and image pairs. The project deals with the rampant individualism that underpins our contemporary social, political, and economic system, and in particular, the environmental impact that it has. How can we survive in our current growth and success-oriented capitalist system? Can we collectively break the narrative of individualism? Metaphorical images to fill in the gaps where words fall short. Geibl’s aim with the series is not to lecture, or to lay down a strict story, nor to interpret economic issues. She takes the viewer on a journey. There are no clear answers but instead ambiguous questions.


Kata Geibl


6-16 October 2022


Yapı Kredi bomontiada 4th floor

Open every day 10:30 – 20:00