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Devin Yalkin - Obsidian - 3


Evin Art Gallery is proud to present “Obsidian”, Devin Yalkın’s first solo exhibition in Turkey, between October 4 – November 12, 2022. The exhibition is also among the main exhibitions of 5th 212 Photography Istanbul and one of the parallel events of the 17th İstanbul Biennal.

“Obsidian” is a carefully curated group of works selected from the artist’s various series which have been years in the making. Yalkın’s black and white photographs where minimal subjects are shown in a striking way with high contrast, invite the viewer on a mysterious journey of their own imaginations. A selection of editorial works will be showcased apart from the exhibition, giving the audience in Turkey a chance to get to know the artist more intimately.


Devin Yalkın


4 October 2022 – 12 November 2022



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