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Create Next

Skateboarding is a globally known extreme street sport. This subculture, which brought all the components of street culture together in the 1960s such as surfing wind and New York breezes, integrated with the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul and formed the mingled cultural crucible of today. The vandal-marked ‘skaters’ spent days in the most crowded centers of the city and created a new subculture in which the outsider could express themselves by intertwining with others. In addition to capturing the gravity-defying movements of young skaters, who made city architecture their track, skateboard photography also highlighted the elements of this subculture. The Create Next exhibition examines the timeless side of skateboarding culture from the perspective of France, Turkey, and America. Can Görkem Halıcıoğlu, whose work focuses on the marginalization of society and class conflict, shows Turkey’s skateboarding culture from his own perspective. Known for his skating films, Fred Mortagne opens a new window to street culture with his black and white skateboard photographs. And lastly, Lanna Apisukh focuses on the perception of gender and racial diversity in skateboarding culture in her documentary series Everybody Skate.


Fred Mortagne, Can Görkem Halıcıoğlu, Lanna Apisukh


6-16 October 2022


Beşiktaş Square, Akaretler Sıraevleri