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212 Photography Istanbul is an international festival that takes place once a year. It organizes a framework of cultural and educational programs including exhibitions, workshops, talks, panels, film screenings and more, in parallel with online event series.

The city’s most comprehensive photography event with international participation, 212 Photography Istanbul is preparing to welcome its audience in unique venues between 5-15 October 2023 with its 6th year anniversary program.

The event program is renewed every year and it diversifies from exhibitions to film screenings on the route of discovery, adopts the language of photography together with different disciplines that are independent from geographies, and brings together the remarkable names, titles and approaches in the art of photography with the audience in Istanbul. Within the framework of this experience, it is aimed to bring together the leading names of the photography world and the cultural heritage of the city and to undertake various events by adopting a comprehensive perspective on photography.

Meeting with over 150,000 festival participants in 30 venues for 5 years, 212 Photography Istanbul is preparing to host its participants in its 6th year with its comprehensive program.