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Andrés Gutierrez, Astrid Yurdsever

Fotoğrafevi welcomes Astrid Yurdsever from France and Andrés Gutierrez from Spain. The works of the two photographers, who are in the exhibition program at the same time, can be seen until November 4.

Andrés Gutierrez’s colorful carnival series will be on display in the interior space of Fotoğrafevi. Gutierrez, who captures significant moments that alter the world’s landscape with his documentary photographer’s eye, has created a vibrant series that celebrates cultural heritage through the moments he captured during the Canary Islands carnival. The excitement of the preparations behind the spectacular carnival, the contagious festive joy that energizes everyone in the region, costume contests, street performances, and thousands of people enjoying themselves together are all reflected in the photographs.

The second series in the outdoor space is Astrid Yurdsever’s exhibition: Women. Yurdsever presents a narrative that brings together the stories that enrich the community life with all their differences. 20 women from 20 different stories; flower sellers, handkerchief and lottery stall workers, rural women enter the frame as a challenge to the photographer.


Andrés Gutierrez, Astrid Yurdsever


5 October – 4 Novermber 2023


Except Sunday and Monday
14.00 – 19.00