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Can Memişoğulları, EMBER ("KOR")

When volcanoes erupt, contrary to popular belief, they not only cause destruction, but also fertilize the soil with the minerals they bring from the center of the earth. Despite their destructive power, civilizations have continued to form around volcanoes throughout history because of the fertility they bring to the soil. Volcanoes always maintain their glory with their cycles between destructive and constructive edges.
Can Memişoğulları’s site-specific installation Ember, inspired by Jules Verne’s book “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, examines volcanoes both in terms of their eruption patterns and anthropological aspects. The work, which shows the movement of volcanoes in a concrete structure, examines the relationship of these majestic formations with the earth, sky, water and civilization. The artist obtained the models he used for the eruption patterns from open-source STRM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data provided by NASA.

Can Memişoğulları, who lives and works in Istanbul, works on electro-acoustic and acoustic compositions as well as audio-visual live performances. Focusing on the interaction between art and people, he designs structures and systems that can make decisions and improve themselves with the contributions of the audience. In his recent works, he focuses on the production of works that bring technology, humankind, philosophy and art together.

Can Memişoğulları, EMBER (“KOR”)

St. Benoit Church
A Quite Parade of the Cosmos