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dinçer işgel
Tuna Mert

Creating with the Streets of Istanbul

The streets of Istanbul sometimes appear as a tool and sometimes as the subject itself in new and creative forms of expression. In this talk, artists from different disciplines who shape their artistic production through their relationship with the city come together under the moderation of Tuna Mert Topuz, co-founder of the Mercado platform. Rash, who creates his color and form-oriented abstract works on the street and in the studio, taking graffiti as a reference; Dinçer İşgel, who keeps instant records of the people he encounters during his unplanned trips and brings together these ‘human’ states in his video content; Kıvılcım Güngörün, who frames the subjects of memory, life and death through the street-portrait-nature trilogy, will share their experiences of their encounters with the streets and the impact the city had on their work.


Dinçer İşgel, Kıvılcım S. Güngörün, Rash


Tuna Mert Topuz


7 October Saturday
17.00 – 18.00


Soho House

The language of the talk will be Turkish.