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Daniëlle van Zadelhoff

Daniëlle van Zadelhoff invents a bold photographic narrative that is evocative of iconic paintings by using light and shade contrasts with the finesse of a Baroque painter. The Belgium-based Dutch artist had her most recent exhibition at San Francisco MoMa and continues to build on her reputation with personal exhibitions and projects. 

The artist’s distinctive style is defined by the ‘chiaroscuro’ light-shade technique, named after the Italian method of painting treatment. Her compositions centre on the body and soul. At first glance, they remind Rembrandt and Caravaggio’s paintings that stand out with an emphasis on light and shade. Pensive stares, pale bodies and background objects that complement the story make the photographs both impressive and intense. Pondering questions about loneliness, vulnerability, death, faith and doubt, Zadelhoff makes the seemingly invisible pure emotions visible with the magic of light.


Daniëlle van Zadelhoff


5-15 October 2023


Bomontiada 4th Floor

Open everyday 10:30 – 20:00