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büyükdere35-Gravity Of You series, Bitter Flow , 2018 Fine Art Print, 110x75 cm Edition of 5 + 1 AP (1)

Photograph: Suzan Pektaş

The sea pulls me, the world snares me

The exhibition “The sea pulls me, the world snares me”, in which four different artists are each the narrators of their own stories, can be visited at Büyükdere35 until November 15th. Bringing together the works of Oğulcan Arslan, Gizem Çelik, Eda Emirdağ and Suzan Pektaş, the exhibition focuses on various moments that observe and shape the world in darkness and light within the perception of time that stretches. The world of images that expand into us and others through the reflections of the artists’ own stories offers a pluralistic and poetic view. It extends into the realm of new discoveries or acceptances, where one defines oneself and one’s surroundings through the closeness and distance of relationships.

The exhibition questions distance and closeness, the space of subjectivity between relationships and new definitions, and the notions of being good to oneself and the world. It invokes the belonging of a fragmental unity from a feather floating in the void. Who are we, in which universe do we form bonds, where do we float and where do we accumulate? “The sea pulls me, the world snares me” becomes the basis for constructing disconnected or connected but permeable and benevolent stories between space, time and moments.


Oğulcan Arslan, Gizem Çelik, Eda Emirdağ, Suzan Pektaş


5 – 15 October 2023


Except Sundays
11.00 – 19.00