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Vandendael 13 LAM

Sea Echoes

Following its long-awaited restoration, the historic Moda Pier will host the Sea Echoes exhibition, a special selection of Annelie Vandendael’s photographs projected on the water.

Annalie Vandendael essentially investigates the representation of female beauty through the stereotypical concept of ‘beauty’. She chooses a playful approach in her compositions to create a graphic narrative with vivid fictive perspectives and bold lines, which leaves the audience with a strong sense of joy and humour. The artist zooms in on the body to bring out beauty brought by eccentricity and fun in the posing female figures stripped of their identities. The human flaws in these unmanipulated, unadulterated photographs – swimsuit marks, veins, shrivelled skin, tangled hair – relieve the stress imposed by the idealised female image of today.

Organised in partnership with 212 Photography Istanbul and the InCadaqués Photo Festival held in Spain, the exhibition is like a bridge between both ends of the Mediterranean. A selection of photographs from top-ranking artists from the 212 Photography Festival are exhibited at Spain’s coastal town, in Platja Port d’Alguer, as part of the InCadaqués Photo Festival.


Annelie Vandendael


5-15 October 2023


Moda Pier