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Éva Szombat

Éva Szombat might be a photographer who produces dreamlike compositions, but she is also a fervent researcher who relentlessly observes her surroundings. Currently based in Budapest, Szombat explores the concept of happiness and its effects on people from a sociological perspective and focuses on healing transformation

Pink neon lights, bright colours, toys and 80s aesthetics are the common traits of the artist’s vast imagination. Resorting to surreal images, her work is an expression of the free spirit wandering between fantasy and reality and subdued desires. Szombat has released 10 different series consisting of photographs, GIFs and collages; her series Practitioners and Surreology will be featured at this year’s festival. The Surreology series is a collaboration with graphic artist Fanny Papay. What can the stars tell us about the future in this crazy and uncanny universe? The way to understand is to first recognise the symbols and find the sign. The series Practitioners is a study on happiness. In this series, the lead characters are people who find a way to overcome traumas and evade the mediocrity of daily life. Szombat conveys the truths she discovered in these stories: Happiness is more than just a mantra; it requires hard work and often unconventional methods.


Éva Szombat


5-15 October 2023


Akaretler No:11

Open everyday 10:30 – 20:00