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From Concept To Sequence, Creating Photobooks


The new and extraordinary medium of contemporary photography, called the “photobook”, has gained a more permanent and portable feature than the exhibitions, as photography gradually turns towards the form of a book rather than being a stand-alone piece on the museum wall. Because they are tangible objects, photobooks have risen to an important position that also enables the work to be easily transported and distributed. Moreover, the photobooks that emerged with the efforts of artists who are constantly in search of a different artistic language, are on the verge of creating a new form of communication between different cultures.

In this workshop, participants, accompanied by artist, co-founder and director of NOKS Art Space Volkan Kızıltunç, will work on understanding photobooks, an inseparable phenomenon of the contemporary photography world. Participants will learn examples from the history of the photobook; as well as answer questions such as “What is a good photobook?”, “Do photobooks have a grammar?”, “How can a book be made?”, “How should we understand and evaluate design?”, “How does the right format find the right audience?”. The workshop participants will develop the right concept, sequence and design suitable for the project they are applying with, by gaining information on concept creation, the unlimited possibilities of editing and sequence processes, page design and the right material selection. At the end of the three-day workshop, the participants will produce original model books of their projects.


Volkan Kızıltunç


11 October Wednesday & 12 October Thursday & 13 October Friday
10.00 – 18.00


Museum Gazhane

Workshop participation is paid, and the total fee for the three-day workshop is 750 TL.

Those who want to participate in the workshop should send their application files to the email address “” with the subject title “Photobook Workshop”.

Workshop and Application Details

For this 3-day workshop, 8 participants to be selected with an open call. The applied projects will be edited together with Volkan Kızıltunç, and an original photobook will be produced for each project.

1. The selected participants are expected to attend the workshop for 3 full days at the Museum Gazhane on 11-12-13 October 2023, which are the workshop dates.
2. The deadline for participation in the workshop is September 27, 2023, Wednesday at 23:59.
3. Selected participants will be contacted by 212 Photography Istanbul.
4. There is no age limit for applying artists.
5. There is no need to know Adobe Indesign to apply. There will be someone in the workshop to help prepare the designs.
6. Participants are not required to bring their own laptops, but it is recommended.
7. Selected and registered participants need to bring photographs, drawings, maps, etc. of the projects in both print-ready, edited high-resolution digital files and small-sized prints of all necessary visual materials to the workshop.
8. Participants are deemed to have accepted that the digital files they send can be used to promote the non-profit 212 Photography Istanbul Festival, with credit given to the artist.

Your application file must contain the following information:
1. Your name, contact information (phone & e-mail), short biography, text describing your project (Please describe your project in detail. Your description should include details such as the general concept of the project and how long you have been working on it.)
2. Between 20-80 photographs or images of your project. (High resolution, 72 dpi, jpeg, long side max 1024 pixels, max 1mb file size)

The language of the workshop will be Turkish.
After all applications are evaluated, those selected as workshop participants will be contacted separately. A payment form will be sent to the participants for the workshop fee.