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Image: Cihan Bacak

From Reality to Photo Reality

Recording an image using a camera is quite ordinary for us. In contrast, the capabilities of artificial intelligence to produce images with data are mind-bending, to say the least, even if you were born into this era. Technology’s ever-evolving and surprising possibilities are a milestone in transforming all creative disciplines. Many have adapted the internet and computer technologies to make art and are pioneering this transformation with their outlook.

As the interaction between technology and art increases, the main discussion concerning photography is reality. Is photography still a reflection of reality, or has a new reality emerged from it? From Reality to Photo Reality explores this question in a projection ranging from AI-generated images to the first frames reflecting light. Covering various perspectives between these two extremes, the exhibition is a chronological summary of the art of photography. From contemporary works that push the limits of experimentation to early examples of documents and resources, we rewind and wonder, what’s next?


Mario Klingemann, Anne Horel, David Szauder, Cihan Bacak, Ekin Özbiçer, Viewfinder, Phillip Toledano, Damla Şahinbaş, Metehan Özcan, Hakan Sorar, and from Borusan Contemporary Art Collection Peter Coffin


5-15 October 2023


Museum Gazhane | P Gallery

Open everyday 10:30 – 20:00