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Godard Through the Eyes of Georges Pierre

Prepared in partnership with Institut français Turkey and Sinematek/Sinema Evi, The Jean-Luc Godard Exhibition features behind-the-scenes photographs by Georges Pierre, a witness of the birth of the New Wave that radically changed European cinema.

As a key figure in the transition to modern cinema, Godard made films that allowed improvisation and went beyond conventional flow and classical editing. During his time working with Godard, Georges Pierre observed what went on behind the scenes and how actors behaved in a flexible and fragmented dramatic structure. Some of these photos are very familiar, some are exhibited for the first time, but all of them make you look at them again and again.

Open between October 2 and December 9, this exhibition is organised in parallel with Sinematek/Sinema Evi’s Godard Film Screenings, consisting of twelve feature titles and a documentary at the Onat Kutlar Hall.


Georges Pierre


2 October – 9 December 2023


Institut français
10:30 – 18:00
Sinematek/Sinema Evi
10:00 – 18:00