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hakan sorar

Hakan Sorar, Float

Another Perspective, the body

Prologue: There was Obscurity at the Beginning

We encounter a body that has emerged out of Hakan Sorar’s perspective.
Whose body is this? Or to whom do they belong? Are they owned?
This being that is only made up by their body does not have a head. They have no gender. There is a mystery surrounding their ethnicity or even their occupation. How old are they? We have no clue either. Under these circumstances, how could we categorize this animal-like body that exists in their own purgatory?

Act One: What kind of Body?

This body that has been created by the artist is in a contemplative mode.
In the patriarchal world, the idea and the act of thinking have always been associated with the mind. On the contrary, the body does indeed thinks. The idea and action are always intertwined. In other words, human beings act while thinking and vice versa. Then this body we see in front of us is in a state where it exudes an expression that is woven and intertwined with ideas. On the other hand, Hakan Sorar does not refrain from highlighting some other issues while producing these images that display pensive states of being which are present with the body. While creating this body, he does not abide by the ratios of the Vitruvian man. The body we see in front of us is covered with hair, tattoos, and freckles. Furthermore, this body has saggy breasts, polished colorful nails, torn fishnet tights, and some flowers that they hold in their hand. With all these details it is apparent that Sorar’s aesthetics is founded on multiplicities. As a matter of fact, the physical position of the body indicates indifference. We see that their feet are cut off from the ground due to their suspended position in this space.
Once more we stumble upon the issue of the formation of expression. Without any gender indicators or any specific essence assigned to it, this body forms a gender-fluid body image that does not fit into traditional modes of categorization. Through this representation, the in-flux state of the body exists beyond the binary polarities such as male/female, charming/ugly, etc. The ambiguities in the prologue give into the power of the body that is created by the artist, Hakan Sorar.
İlker Cihan Biner

Hakan Sorar, Float Series

Museum Gazhane – P Gallery
From Reality to Photo Reality