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Burçak Evren (2)

"İstanbul'un Yazlık Sinemaları Tarihi"

Screen writer and journalist Burçak Evren, author of the book “İstanbul’un Yazlık Sinemaları Tarihi Düş Bahçeleri’’, moderated by photographer Elçin Acun, shares the impact and history of summer cinemas, the unique magic of these special venues and how they affected the society. She emphasizes how these cinemas, which were the talk of the neighborhood, played a unifying role not only with movies but also with the performances on screen, and how they brought three generations of people together. The discussion will also delve into Istanbul’s history, its economic and sociological transformations, the world of cinema, the laborers involved, and how summer cinemas are identified with the longing of the past.


Burçak Evren


Elçin Acun


7 October Saturday
15.00 – 16.00


İstanbul Kitapçısı Kadıköy Şubesi
(İstanbul Bookstore Kadıköy Branch)

The language of the talk will be Turkish.