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Le Mépris Film Screening and Talk

Le Mépris, one of the ‘film within a film’ examples in the history of cinema, also bears traces of the reality of the tension Godard experienced with his own producer during the making of the film. With this aspect and its intertextual narrative, it occupies an important place in Godard’s cinema. The screening of Le Mépris continues with a conversation within the framework of Godard’s works. Director, screenwriter and playwright Cem Başeskioğlu, who has been doing film readings within his organisation titled “Dramatic Maneuvers” (Dramatik Manevralar), meets with the audience after the screening.


Cem Başeskioğlu


11 October Wednesday
Start of the film screening: 19.00


Institut Français

Film screenings taking place at the Institut français require tickets. Ticket prices are 30 TL for a full ticket and 20 TL for a student ticket.
Tickets can be purchased with cash or credit card at the Institut français before the movie screening.
No additional registration is required to attend the talk.
The language of the talk will be Turkish.