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Made in Dublin

For Eamonn Doyle, the dynamics of an environment become a choreography of music and photography. The artist hones in on the vibes of the street from his studio in Dublin. Doyle is a photographer, electronic musician, owner/manager of D1 Recordings based in Ireland. Collaborating with a creative team and projected on nine screens, Doyle’s video installation Made in Dublin consists of panoramic images of a city on the move. Perception of the urban pace of time, transforming places, and busy people merge in the layered and eclectic nature of a fragmented narrative. The video features Doyle’s photographs with lyrics and narration by writer Kevin Barry, music by David Donohoe and production design by Niall Sweeney. The video contains 370 images, photographs and illustrations sequenced to take the audience on a dreamy stroll in the streets with vivid colours and graphic elements. People in their daily routines, a floating feeling by unconscious actions, ordinary distractions like the shining sun, overlapping expressions, stares, fabrics and textures… Using synchronised and sequential transitions, the images show how people are connected even if they appear not to be.


Eamon Doyle, Kevin Barry, David Donohoe, Niall Sweeney


5-15 October 2023


Bomontiada 4th Floor

Open everyday 10:30 – 20:00