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Photography Without Lens // Artificial Intelligence

As technology’s constantly evolving and astonishing possibilities continue to transform all creative fields, its impact on the art of photography remains a topic of ongoing discussion. Can an image created without a camera lens still be considered a photograph? How can we interpret the artistic value and reality of images generated through artificial intelligence? The talk titled “Photography Without Lens // Artificial Intelligence” will feature two artists, Bager Akbay and Deniz İkizler, who explore these debates within their respective disciplines. Bager Akbay, a designer, artist, and educator known for his work with the Robot Poet Deniz Yılmaz project, continues to produce work centered around artificial intelligence and machine learning. He teaches “Contemporary Art History” and “Software for Puppetry” courses at Mimar Sinan University, Marmara University, and the Berlin Ernst Busch Art Academy. He also hosts the “Art Conversations” (Sanat Sohbetleri) program on FLU TV. Deniz İkizler, on the other hand, is an artist involved in performance, installation, painting, and has participated in various events such as The International Performance Association, Mamut Art Project, and ARTIST Istanbul Art Fair. She continues her life and work in Istanbul.


Bager Akbay, Deniz İkizler


6 October Friday
19.00 – 20.00


Soho House

The language of the talk will be Turkish.