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Photography at the Restaurant

The Photography Workshop at the Restaurant, which will be held this year under the leadership of Derya Turgut, who has many important works in the fields of food, lifestyle and travel photography, will meet with the participants at MSA’s Restaurant. In the workshop, which will be held at MSA’s Restaurant within the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, participants will not only hear about the basics of restaurant and food photography, but will also have the chance to shoot practically with their own cameras. Derya Turgut is an editorial and advertising photographer based in Istanbul. Turgut, who studied at the Culinary Arts Academy, specializes in food, lifestyle and travel photography. The artist’s photographs, which do not give up on natural light, focus on finding his creativity in the simplicity and plainness of daily life.


Derya Turgut


11 October Wednesday
10.00 – 15.00


MSA’s Restaurant

The capacity of this workshop is 15 people.
The language of the workshop will be Turkish.
Participants in this workshop are required to have basic knowledge of photography and are kindly requested to bring their professional cameras with them.
The fee of the workshop is 1500 TL which will be charged during registration to the workshop via MSA’s website.