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Rob MacInnis

Canadian artist Rob MacInnis has devoted his 15-year career to photographing farm animals with his The Farm Family Project series. He often looks into the eyes of creatures we often consider prosaic to deliver intense feelings that oscillate between optimism, innocence, joy and sorrow.

In the long-running The Farm Family Project series, farm animals look at the camera with rather astonishing intelligence and grace. These unique images are a great opportunity to realise how special each of the animals is and not just part of a group or species. The family photographs that gave the project its name make you curious about the artist’s creative production process. The secret of creatures appearing together impromptu and posing with surprising harmony is hidden in the fact that they already live together in the same barn. The artist found his models during his visits to farm shelters that treat lambs, goats and cows with great care. Prepare to get a closer look at Alycia, Angelina, Brad, Julianne, Jerry and many more both collectively and as striking solo portraits at the exhibition. 


Rob MacInnis


5-15 October 2023


Akaretler No:11

Open everyday 10:30 – 20:00