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Von Wolfe

Von Wolfe uses artificial intelligence and artistic output as a means of rebellion, creating his distorted versions of popular images from our collective memory. As heated debates continue on how and to what extent technology and art should interact, Von Wolfe stands out as a transhumanist who is charged by the rhythm of the times. Producing in high frequency and making most of the possibilities of the digital mechanisms at his disposal, he is more interested in ‘revealing the result’ rather than ‘disclosing the result’. Von Wolfe looks at religious figures, iconic statues, and mythological motifs from a 21st-century perspective. He adapts the images in collective memory to the present day with contemporary interventions and sometimes sets them free into the realm of free meanings.

Exhibiting his Odyssey series for the first time in Turkey in the scope of 212 Photography Istanbul, Von Wolfe will deliver a loud narrative in the serene atmosphere of Yeldeğirmeni Sanat (Notre Dame du Rosaire French Catholic Church). Inspired by Homer’s epic ‘Odyssey’, the series depicts a journey across stormy seas. However, in his version, the traveller is not a war hero trying to reach his home in Ithaca but all the women who struggle within the challenging environments they are born into. Making references to his previous series, the ruffled hair of female figures resembles the clouds and foaming waves they stare at. The wooden toys around the figures seem to be a game of finding balance and marking boundaries in this surreal universe.


Von Wolfe


5-15 October 2023


Yeldeğirmeni Art

Open everyday 10:30 – 20:00