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Photograph: From the Faik Senol Archive

We Ran Into Each Other

212 Photography Istanbul is celebrating the centennial of the Republic of Turkey with many never before seen photographs compiled from archival research focusing on the women of the early republican period. Focusing on the transformation of women in the political, social and cultural spheres, We Ran Into Each Other, 1923-1945, brings together studio and portrait photographs and moments from daily life in Istanbul. Located in Beyoğlu, the comprehensive exhibition transforms into a historical narrative with a strong sense of nostalgia that relates to today in the context of space and environment.

The exhibition is presented from a broad perspective with the contributions of the Istanbul Research Institute, Women’s Works Library, Faik Şenol archive, and IMM Atatürk Library. Visuals include the position and presence of women in business life, social life, on the streets, in the field of culture and art, and in their struggle for rights in Istanbul during the early republican period, especially in Beyoğlu.


 Istanbul Research Institute, Women’s Works Library, Faik Şenol Archive, IMM Atatürk Library


5-15 October 2023


Taksim Sanat

Open everyday 10:30 – 20:00